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The service Carmin provided us as officiant on our wedding day is incomparable. She sat down with us a few times prior to our big day to help us plan the days events. She had several ideas for us to choose from when it came to our wedding vows as we had chosen not to write our own. We had nothing prepared, but Carmin helped us with ways to word our vows to make them special to us.On the day of our wedding she was so helpful, and that made our beautiful day stress free.- Lisa & Tony = Married August 2010


Carmin Dalziel was an incredible Officiant, right from the very start. We had an idea of what we wanted to include in our ceremony, but didn't know how to piece it all together. Carmin asked for a rough outline of what we envisioned and then she worked her magic! It was a collaborative process – our vision and her experience and creative ideas resulted in the perfect ceremony! The ceremony was unique, funny, sentimental and absolutely amazing!

We definitely picked the right person. You would be crazy to trust your special day with anyone else! We highly recommend Carmin to perform your ceremony.
Mike and Rebecca - Married August 24, 2013

Wedding Coordinator

Carmin was invaluable on my wedding day [as a wedding coordinator]. She kept track of everything that was going on, made sure the our families were where they needed to be, when they needed to be there (no small feat!), and kept things moving along. Everything ran so smoothly because of her attention to detail and her magical ability to make people want to do things for her. I was able to focus on being in the moment, and had a wonderful day!- Jennifer H. 


My admiration for Carmin is growing all the time!   She really is an amazing presenter, and a fabulously creative teacher....  I've been chewing on her presentation points for the past couple of weeks.  Carmin is brilliant!- Rev. Sharon    

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